The collective: Alterazioni Video

Alterazioni Video is a group of five artists who have been working together for six years, and are currently located in Milan, New York and Berlin. The distances between the various members of the group and their constant movements have made communications between them – mostly mediated by phone and the net – one of the key aspects of their work. The Violent Paintings, are in fact the result of an intense exchange of images found on the net, manipulated each time they change hands: a dialogue of cut and paste, the product of an irrepressible urge to create visions. Violent Paintings are the result of a dialogue between five individuals who no longer have anything to say to each other but continue to feel the pressing need to communicate.

Also producers of wonderful videos, Alterazioni Video were exhibited by several museums, among which, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, and this year exhibitions were: I would prefer not to #2, at Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana; La Fabbrica del Senso, at Arci Belleza, Milan; Don’t eat that yellow snow (photo) at Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin.

On friday 18th V.M.21 Gallery, Rome, will present the group show including them, Motion of a Nation curated by Antonio Arévalo.

Alterazioni Video

V.M.21 Gallery


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