Celebrating Torino

Tomorrow is Italy’s 150th anniversary as a united country. In 1861 a big project called Italia 61, was developed in the southern area of Turin, a modernist complex of parks and buildings, with high quality life expectations. People started to move there but, after decades, in the 80ies it was just a working class area. Young people could clearly feel the sensation of emptiness, of a one company town.

I spent there several years of my life, my teens. I still remember ordinary afternoons with my best friend, wondering around in a city that didn’t have anything to offer for us. Asking each other what should we do next and how could we escape from that dramatical situation. Some people moved away, some others stayed.

Lately i developed my art passion, because of some institutions working at a really high level with contemporary art there. After olympic games, they are celebrating Italia 61. I found a photo archive of that period, very intense for me. The senseless remembrance i had of that area is now that one of a beautiful place. You can feel the dreamy atmosphere of the 60ies.

Anyway a lot of events are going on, among them at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Grater Torino, about young art in the city; at Fondazione Merz Kara Walker, A negress of noteworthy talent, where the artist will present an installation, and will personally follow the exhibition; and at Castello di Rivoli John McCracken.

Italia 61


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