Happy Valentine’s day

© Jeff Koons

© Jeff Koons

Saint Valentine icon is only one in contemporary art. Jeff Koons‘ historical partner  Ilona Staller. Ilona Staller will turn 60 on 26 November. She is a naturalized Italian and Hungarian citizen and owes its popularity mainly to his career as a porn actress, carried out withthe efficient pseudonym Cicciolina and considerable success in Italy during the seventies and the eighties, along with a original, and for the time, quite scandalous, career as political activist.
© Il Post

© Il Post

The Love Party was a political party was co-founded in Italy on July 12, 1991 by pornstars Moana Pozzi and Ilona Staller, the latter one being famous for actually being elected member of the Italian parliament in 1987. The political program included legalization of brothels, better sex education and the creation of “love parks”. Plus points against censorship, against burgeois customs, against nuclear energy, for the sexual freedom of detained persons, for the decriminalization of soft drugs, for information about AIDS.

© Il Post

© Il Post

Many of these issues in Italy are still considered politically difficult to discuss.

Jeff Koons

Il Post


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