Sweet photographer – Sharon Core

In 2004 Sharon Core was the artist of Thiebauds, the exhibition about the photographical enactment of twelve early food paintings by Bay Area artist, Wayne Thiebaud, at BellWether gallery. The meticulous constructions by the artist of cakes, pies, hotdogs, etc. is a mimetic homage. Each photograph is printed the size of the original painting. That’s how Sharon Core inverted the common practice of making a painting from a photograph: the resulting work refers simultaneously to painterly illusionism and photographic reality.

© Sharon Core

New Yorker, Sharon Core holds a BFA in painting from The University of Georgia and an MFA in Photography from Yale University. One of her last exhibitions was Early American, at Hermes Foundation, New York.

The editors of New York Times Magazine wrote in 2008 about her: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/10/22/in-focus-sharon-core/ Hungry? Find her photos at the Armory Show, booth 244!





Invitation: Condensation exhibition

From Condensation‘s press release: Seduction isn’t just beauty’s privilege. The abject, the kitsch and the mundane are all potential triggers for desire; the further one gets from a canonical idea of pulchritude, the wilder the attraction can become. Conceived like a museum of curios,Condensation stages this apparent paradox and invites the viewers to navigate the complex mechanics of seduction. The female body is here fragmented and reconfigured like Hans Bellmer’s doll, or rendered functional like the Greek goddess in Dalí’s Venus with Drawers.

But it re-emerges stronger from these abuses – perhaps because, in line with the Surrealist tradition, these partial bodies have something of the psychological (self) portrait, made all the more accurate by multifarious transformations; perhaps because, as the outstanding details of inaccessible wholes, they gain in seductive power. Names of the exhibition: Annie Attridge, Jonathan Baldock, Sarah Gillham, Anthea Hamilton, Eri Ito,i Mindy Lee, Paul Westcombe.

LAST Fridays: On 25 February, Danielle Arnaud will join 90 galleries throughout South London open late for the first South London Art Map LAST Friday. There will be Hew Locke limited edition badge for first 25 visitors to Danielle Arnaud from 6pm, commissioned by Tate Modern to celebrate the launch of the South London Art Map. And after-party, with artist-DJ Mark Dean from 8pm until 11pm.


25 February – 27 March 2011

Deeply Ryan McGinley

Some artists knock directly at the door of your heart. Ryan McGinley, from New Jersey, is one of them: “drawn from skateboard, music, graffiti, and gay cultures, the subjects of Ryan McGinley’s photographs interact with the camera with a self-conscious candour that is at once shocking, banal, alluring and repulsive. The images exhibited at the Whitney showed McGinley’s friends and lovers enacting the daily rituals of contemporary youth culture: they hang out, have sex, do drugs, go to gigs, and romp naked in the woods” (Contemporary Magazine).

That’s how it is, young New Yorkers have been shooted naked in three different series: the black and white Everybody knows this is nowhere, Moonmilk, and Photographs representing life of young Americans. But Ryan McGinley also claim various projects for contemporary icons such as Tilda Swinton and Lou Doillon.

If you want to know more about his wonderful work check the Studio Visit by NYTimes, but don’t forget to have a look of his website, cause it will go deep at the essence of your practices.

© Ryan McGinley

 Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley´s blog 

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Selected by Ingrid Melano

Flashback: Frey Krisztiàn 1969

Hungarian, Frey Krisztiàn lived and worked in Budapest and Zurich. He often worked with Dóra Maurer and some his last group shows are: in 2006 Ninety Nine Years at MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen, and in 2005 Works on the Edge; A New Selection of the Collection of the Ludwig Múzeum 1 at Ludwig Museum, Budapest.

I like his way of depicting women’s universe, and i’m fascinated by his delicate representation of some feminine objects. E.g. The association of apparel elements on light blue paint. In Moderne Kunst – unsere Gegenwart he wrote: “Any material can be used to make art. Artists can extract their own works from matter…If you believe that art is preceded by reality, you should be able to intrepidly draw your conclusions from my remarks”.

Selected by Ingrid Melano

Happy Valentine’s day

© Jeff Koons

© Jeff Koons

Saint Valentine icon is only one in contemporary art. Jeff Koons‘ historical partner  Ilona Staller. Ilona Staller will turn 60 on 26 November. She is a naturalized Italian and Hungarian citizen and owes its popularity mainly to his career as a porn actress, carried out withthe efficient pseudonym Cicciolina and considerable success in Italy during the seventies and the eighties, along with a original, and for the time, quite scandalous, career as political activist.
© Il Post

© Il Post

The Love Party was a political party was co-founded in Italy on July 12, 1991 by pornstars Moana Pozzi and Ilona Staller, the latter one being famous for actually being elected member of the Italian parliament in 1987. The political program included legalization of brothels, better sex education and the creation of “love parks”. Plus points against censorship, against burgeois customs, against nuclear energy, for the sexual freedom of detained persons, for the decriminalization of soft drugs, for information about AIDS.

© Il Post

© Il Post

Many of these issues in Italy are still considered politically difficult to discuss.

Jeff Koons

Il Post

Invitation: OCTET

OCTET or Construction and Modification is David Raymond Conroy‘s second exhibition for Seventeen gallery, London. David Raymond Conroy brings together three works that have loss, removal and absence at their heart. Through editing, removal and reduction the pieces meditate on the relationship between unperceived labour and actualized product. Conroy presents an attempt to share experience through, and in acknowledgment of, the artwork’s own duplicity – it’s consumption and it’s generosity.

Among the works exhibited, Well Begun is Half Done (2010-11) is a group of framed photographic images each of which depicts an oddly cropped or inconsequential scene. Each image is one half of a double page photographic spread from a coffee table style illustrated travel book, the two page image having been bisected at the book’s central binding. Each newly presented image is complete in itself while at the same time it is apparent that something is missing. They are one step removed and two steps closer to what they present.


Rotterdam, what’s going on

From 10 to 13 February 2011 the stunning departure hall of the Holland America Line is the set for the 12th edition of Art Rotterdam where seventy galleries will present their most daring artists. Besides the emerging galleries, already present for a few years, the 2011 edition also presents the well- established galleries like f.e. Catherine Bastide, Micheline Szwajcer, Paul Andriesse, that is presenting in the gallery a groupshow of works selected by Marijn van Kreij as part of the show “The Passenger”, and Stella Lohaus. From Great Britain eight young galleries will be present, galleries that are truly among the most promising of the island: Seventeen gallery will be exhibiting works by Susan Collis, Stuart Elliot, Dan Shaw-Town, David Raymond Conroy, and Abigail Reynolds.

Various cultural institutions in the city offer a range of activities: on show in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is the first large-scale solo exhibition ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ by Dutch artist Gabriel Lester (1972). By means of an integral installation, consisting of interventions, film and sculptures, Lester displays in this exhibition the various aspects of fate. The Kunsthal presents ‘I promise to love you’, a retrospective of the very best from the Caldic Collection, the largest private collection in the Netherlands from collector Joop van Caldenborgh. Furthermore, Rotterdam galleries TENT. Mama and Witte de With organize special evening openings with work of promising young artists Artist collective Het Wilde Weten organizes a market for special artists’ books, and Rotterdam architects, designers and artists will open their studios and workspaces for the public. The picture below is from Duende studio, presenting the duo show ‘Beside Itself’ of Bas van den Hurk and Martijn Hendriks.




10 to 13 February 2011