Body Nature – PAV

Next week PAV- Living Art Park will present: “Body Nature”, the dual personal exhibition by Marta De Menezes and Dario Neira, curated by Claudio Cravero within the Art Program directed by Piero Gilardi.

Body Nature refers to nature understood as a body, but also to the body in the normal meaning of the word, made up of nature and immersed in nature: a living and communicating agent in the world. Thus the works in the exhibition are characterised by the almost exclusive use of biological materials (DNA, proteins, cells, bacteria) as media to underline how much the body has in common with the rest of the living world, thanks to their common organic components.

PAV greenhouse, entered from the courtyard, is the gateway to the centre. It was built following the principles of bioclimatic architecture in close relation with the park, and designed as a piece of “green architecture”. The whole project was devised by artist Piero Gilardi, developed with landscape architect Gianluca Cosmacini and the interdisciplinary workgroup of the acPav association, with the contribution of architect Alessandro Fassi.


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