What I saw today: Fondazione Pomodoro

I’m in Milan and this morning i saw an exhibition about the last trends in Italian sculpture, 80 artists, among them Beecroft – courtesy Massimo Minini, Cattaneo – courtesy Suzy Shammah, Cattelan – courtesy Massimo De Carlo, Cecchini – courtesy galleria Continua, Galtarossa – courtesy Studio La Città, Paci – courtesy Francesca Kaufmann, Perrone – courtesy Massimo De Carlo, but also Previdi – courtesy Francesca Minini, Sissi – courtesy Collegio Venturoli, and many others.

Wonderful display, light and building. Vibrant dialogue among the artworks.

La scultura italiana del XXI secolo

20-10-2010 / 14-02-2011



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