The butterfly Abigail Reynolds

If i could only own one artwork, now i would probably buy something from Abigail Reynolds. But let’s start the tale from the beginning..Once upon a time in London a smart student was attending Goldsmiths College, she was creating beautiful carved pictures taken from England and Finland and, while she was studying, some English galleries were already exhibiting her works. Than talent scouts from powerful galleries came: Serpentine gallery made the exhibition Neveroddoreven, Seventeen gallery made the exhibitions Hollywood Wonderland and Strange Attractor, and Guggenheim gallery at Chapman University made the exhibition Altered Appropriations and rien ne va plus! She was already famous.

But look carefully, her works are just too appealing! You cannot avoid to stop in front of them! And i personally experienced that when i was working in Artissima, collectors and curators were asking and asking about her, crazy for her precious research work. Now some of her works are at Kunstagenten gallery, Berlin, in the exhibition Creative Destruction, so try to catch her if you can..she’s flying so high!

Selected by Ingrid Melano


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