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The Art Markets is on Bocconi University website, thank you!

ASK (Art, Science and Knowledge) is the Research Centre that has been founded in 2004 at Bocconi University with the aim of promoting cultural planning and cultural institutions management activities.

ASK is focused on activities and sectors characterized by the relationship between arts and economics and it is sustaining Mustikka and other students’ activities such as Granaio. Thank you again for the institutional support!

Thanks to Giulia Rosso



Body Nature – PAV

Next week PAV- Living Art Park will present: “Body Nature”, the dual personal exhibition by Marta De Menezes and Dario Neira, curated by Claudio Cravero within the Art Program directed by Piero Gilardi.

Body Nature refers to nature understood as a body, but also to the body in the normal meaning of the word, made up of nature and immersed in nature: a living and communicating agent in the world. Thus the works in the exhibition are characterised by the almost exclusive use of biological materials (DNA, proteins, cells, bacteria) as media to underline how much the body has in common with the rest of the living world, thanks to their common organic components.

PAV greenhouse, entered from the courtyard, is the gateway to the centre. It was built following the principles of bioclimatic architecture in close relation with the park, and designed as a piece of “green architecture”. The whole project was devised by artist Piero Gilardi, developed with landscape architect Gianluca Cosmacini and the interdisciplinary workgroup of the acPav association, with the contribution of architect Alessandro Fassi.

The artist: Aïda Ruilova

Presented at VIP Art Fair by Kaufmann Repetto gallery, Aïda Ruilova, lives and works in New York. She mainly works with video and film technique, her productions are violent and impressive. Some of the last solo shows she did are: Guido Baudach, Berlin (2010); La Conservera, Murcia (2009) Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2009). Her video Goner, 2010 is on sale now.

In your eyes. Portraits in the presence of Marina Abramovic.

From March the 6th to May the 31st 2010, Marco Anelli documented Marina Abramovic’s performance “The Artist is Present”, on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition dedicated to her at the MoMA, New York.
Marina Abramovic sat for 75 days, 6 days a week, in the hall of the museum while, visitors were encouraged to sit silently across from the artist, for a duration of their choosing, looking her in the eyes. Surrounded by an intense white light, the artist and the visitor were not allowed to touch or talk to each other, their eyes being their only way to interact. However, the visitor could decide when to leave. Some would stop by only for a few minutes; others even for seven hours.

This is how 3,090 eyes happened to meet around a table, creating an instant, intense, deep and unexpected relationship. And it is precisely this brief and touching intensitiy sprung between the artist and the visitor that struck Marco Anelli who portrayed every sinlge participant in the artwok on a daily basis and for the whole duration of the performance (716 hours). This way, occasional visitors as well as celebrities (Lou Reed, Sharon Stone, Bjork, Patti Smith and Isabella Rossellini among others) alternate along Anelli’s touching portaits.

Every night, when the museum would close the doors, Marco Anelli edited the pictures taken during the day and posted them on the MoMA’s Flickr profile. This way, he created a parallel community that documented the photographic project daily on the web. The exhibition at Forma, Milan, is the world premiere of a vast selection of the 1,545 faces that made eye contact with the artist. When looking at this enormous chessboard of portraits we find ourselves in front of an actual encyclopaedia of emotions where Marina Abramovic – the binding force behind every shot – is present without ever being visible.

until 13 February 2001

CHINA Power Station

Thinking about summer trips i was considering China. Some of my friends have been there already, some others are leaving now. That is precisely why i went to the exhibition “China power station”, curated by Julia Peyton Jones, Gunnar B. Kvaran and Hans Ulrich Obrist. The exhibition concept comes from a partnership between the Serpentine Gallery and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo.

I was expecting something like “Allooksame” the exhibition presented by Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in 2007, but i found quite different installations, films, sculptures, photographs, computer graphics and paintings tell stories about universal topics of power and politics, real and flowing identities, history, memory and nostalgia.
I also found out quite crazy chinoiserie that i was searching for taking from abstract notions like time, unpredictability, chance and illusion. The last video was just great: a group of men sitting on a tree in the night, making different animal noises, result: countryside in the city.

Selected by Ingrid Melano

Marco Lodola

Marco Lodola is the Italian artist, born in Pavia, of colored cable lights and plexiglass, and you may remember him from the Italian pavillon in Collaudi – 53rd Venice Biennale. But he also did a large number of exhibitions such as: La scultura italiana del XXI secolo, Fondazione Pomodoro, MilanZoobs vs Lodola, Opera Gallery, London; @odola, Triennale, Milan; Fiat LUX – installation, Mirafiori Motorvillage, Turin. He is a pop and popular artist, if you like him, search for his bright silhouettes at Artefiera Bologna, at booth Costa Contemporary.


Cinema with a hat. Borsalino and other stories

Yesterday i went to the vernissage of Borsalino’s exhibition, dedicated to the historical pair of cinema and hat, created by Elisa Fulco, from Borsalino foundation,  and curated by the the movie critic Gianni Canova.

The exhibition, linked to men fashion week, is about the story of the classic felt man hat, showing all the evolutions in life and in cinema where the hat has been leading actor. A lot of journalists, a lot of vips, the classical milanese party.

Triennale di Milano
18 January – 20 March 2011

thanks to Pasquale Leccese