Artissima is coming back!

Like every year my favourite event is is one of the few reasons why i like the month of November..even though it is so grey, Turin becomes full of energy and finally there’s some international air thank’s to young exhibitors and visitors, and also to Club to Club ( that makes the party going on until morning.. Directed by Francesco Manacorda and held in the new premises of the Oval, designed by Hok Sve Ltd and Studio Zoppini Milan, really close to the building of previous years. Artissima 17 will be hosting a total of 154 galleries, chosen by the Selection Committee and Curatorial Committee from amongst the greatest and most interesting names on the cutting-edge contemporary art market around the world. As usual, they will be arranged in a number of sections, full of people turning around..This fresh art fair include MAIN SECTION, with the most representative galleries from around the world, with 99 galleries, of which 50 from abroad, and 49 from Italy.

The benchmark place for the latest in creativity is the NEW ENTRIES section, which is reserved for the most interesting young galleries, all of which have been up and running for less than five years and which are appearing at Artissima for the first time. There will be 29 galleries from fourteen countries: Italy, Chile, France, Germany, Japan, Britain, Russia, United States, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Soon some update live from Turin, i’m studying hard a long list of new artists..

Anni Leppälä, Courtesy TAIK, Helsinki

Some good galleries to check are..

Air De Paris, Paris; Alfonso Artiaco, Naples; Bortolami, New York; Continua, San Gimignano; Pilar Corrias, London, Raffaella Cortese, Milan; Guido Costa, Turin; Riccardo Crespi, Milan; Monica De Cardenas, Milan, Zuoz; Massimo De Carlo, Milan; Umberto Di Marino, Naples (hope for some good dinner with them again); gb agency, Paris; GDM, Paris; Grimm, Amsterdam (i’ll go often to that booth); Guenzani, Milano; Kalfayan, Athens, Thessaloniki; kaufmann repetto, Milan; Lisson, London; Primo Marella, Milan, Beijing; Kamel; Francesca Minini, Milan; Massimo Minini, Brescia; Franco Noero, Turin; Noire, Turin; Stavanger, Berlin; Stuttgart, Berlin; Alberto Peola, Turin; photo&Contemporary, Turin; Photology, Milan; Lia Rumma, Milan, Naples; Suzy Shammah, Milan; Franco Soffiantino, Turin; Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp; TaiK, Helsinki (i’m definitely in love with the Helsinki school); Tucci Russo, Torre Pellice; Jonathan Viner, London; Vistamare, Pescara; Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen.


Ancient & Modern, London; annex14, Bern; Niklas Belenius, Stockholm; Conduits, Milan; Cortex Athletico, Bordeaux; Tiziana Di Caro, Salerno; Fluxia, Milan; Cinzia Friedlaender, Berlin; Gaudel de Stampa, Paris; GMG, Moscow; Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Santiago (these people know how to party); Sonja Junkers, Munich; Karma International, Zurich; Khastoo, Los Angeles; Leto, Warsaw; LOG, Bergamo; lokal_30, Warsaw; Maskara, Mumbai; Room, Milan; Rachmaninoff’s, London; RaebervonStenglin, Zurich; Sabot, Cluj-Napoca; September, Berlin; Seventeen, London (find me there!); SpazioA, Pistoia; Steinle, Munich; Super Window Project, Kyoto; Supportico Lopez, Berlin; The Third Line, Dubai

ARTISSIMA 17, International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin

4 November 2010, Presentation to the press, collectors’ preview, opening

5-6-7 November 2010 Open to the public