Next Trussardi’s success

After the big success of previous exhibitions of Tino Seghal, Altri Fiori e Altre Domande (Peter Fischli & David Weiss), My Religion is Kindness Thank You (Paola Pivi), Untitled (Maurizio Cattelan) and many others, someone is probably waiting for the 20th May: Pig Island is the first major solo show in an Italian institution by Paul McCarthy.

Static (Pink)

Trussardi Foundation, is the organizer, acting since 1996 as a kind of agency for the production and the diffusion of contemporary art through events in the public spaces of the city of Milan.

Pirates, clowns, Santa Claus puppets, home-made avatars, and mutant monsters populate McCarthy’s theater. Ketchup bottles, cans of food, mechanized pigs and cast body parts pop up in his exhibitions like the remnants of some bad dream and Pig Island is probably one of his most abitious works. Pig Island is a work-in-progress that Paul McCarthy has been developing for over seven years, and which will make its world debut at Palazzo Citterio, an extraordinary setting that has been left in its precarious state.

Pig Island

Palazzo Citterio, Milan, May 20 – July 4, 2010 –


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