Albert Watson – Pierre Gonnord

Forma- International Centre of Photography, was born in 2005, after a collaboration between Fondazione Corriere della Sera, Contrasto a project for photography, and ATM. The exhibition space is an ex tram station of Ticinese area in Milan; Forma is nowadays a space about photography and all the related fields like education, artists meetings, workshops.

Current exhibitions

Il Coniglio Bianco: Albert Watson (Edimburgh 1942, lives in New York) acts as the white rabbit of Alix in Wonderland and invite the public to follow him into the marvellous world of his shootings. American landscapes combined with fashion printings are presented together, representing the vibrant personality of the artist.

Testimoni/Testigos: Pierre Gonnord (France 1963) presents at Forma a series of portraits, his research is mainly about the concept of community and the result of his analysis is a vision about people crossed in the street, mixed with Goya and spanish suggestions that makes almost alive the portraits.



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