Posters collection – Artissima Turin


PRESENT FUTURE: an important launching platform for the latest generation of emerging talents, the work of 18 artists have been selected by a team of international curators.

NEW ENTRIES: 19 galleries from 8 countries have been admitted and taking part in the fair for the first time.

CONSTELLATIONS: this extraordinary section proposes a museum-type exhibition of installations, sculptures, videos by famous and emerging artists.

ARTISSIMA CINEMA: Black Curtains proposes a three days program of screenings exploring the relationship between art, theatre and cinema.

THE STORE: a project devised by a young English curator, Adam Carr. By making purchases from the goods on offer viewers will in effect be curating their own shows.

LISTEN TO THE WRITER: for the fifth year running critics and journalists are at the disposal of visitors, outstanding “guides” when visiting the stands.

BLINDING THE EARS: for the first year a non-stop five-day event devoted to the interaction between the visual arts and the theatre

ARTISSIMA FUMETTO: will be featuring the Canadian artist, Geneviève Castrée, who will be making her debut in Italy.

ARTISSIMA VOLUME: devoted entirely to music this section of the fair will be staging a big concert as part of a project with Teatro Carignano, Teatro Stabile and Club to Club.

CONTEMPORARY ARTS NIGHT: Sat the 7th special opening of the city’s galleries, museums, foundations; the streets of Torino will be decorated by “Luci d’Artista”, whilst concerts ad dj-sets will go on into the night.

Last, like every year the off-event Paratissima will go on in San Salvario.





Selected by Ingrid Melano


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